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Posted on March 16, 2012
Georgia Jones | Red Wall | Bliss Girls | Bliss Magazine Online

Georgia Jones is one of our all time favorites here at Bliss Magazine. Here, on the web, anywhere. Just...period. We were not disappointed when we were finally able to meet her.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 110 lbs
DOB: old enough
Nationality: 100% USA baby
Occupation: Our Dream Girl of course


Photographer: Dan of House Bliss
Model: Georgia Jones
MUA: Nancy of House Bliss
Wardrobe: Model's Own & Bliss Closet

Georgia Jones was such a great girl. Collaberative, friendly, a little shy (awesome), she jumped right in with the Bliss photo team. This Red Wall shoot was how we started our day. How about you? hehe. (Find the others here Clicky).

This is one of our all time favorite photosets. We hope you love it, and Georgia, as much as we do.


Our approach to photography is to pose and direct the models very little. We want you to see the real girl and her personality should show.


We have three sets with Georgia Jones. I think you'll find they are very different from most of the photos you see of her online. Well, that's because here at Bliss Magazine Online, you are seeing the real Georgia Jones. As she sees and projects herself. And she's a sweet, delicate, charming southern soul, and we love her.


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