Tiffany Star – Milk Bath

Posted on March 29, 2012
Tiffany Star | Milk Bath | Bliss Girls | Bliss Magazine Online

Tiffany Star showed up right on time. Shy, like a lot of our models are, surprisingly enough. She was such a sweet girl in person that we scrapped our original photoshoot plan and decided on a nice romantic milk bath with flowers from the kitchen. We think she looks great, just like this.

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 95 lbs
DOB: old enough
Nationality: 50% hotness 50% bonerville (USA)
Occupation: I live to serve


Photographer: Dean Zoen
Model: Tiffany Star
MUA: Model
Wardrobe: Bliss Closet

Bliss: So, Tiffany Star we are so pleased to meet you. You have a great reputation and are gowing so popular.
Tiffany: Thank you. I'm working really hard but I really enjoy it. What's not to like, right!?

Bliss: Tell us about your bed. Are you a 500 thread count kind of girl or stuffed animals?
Tiffany: Haha, both! I really like to be comfortable and snuggly when I go to bed...if I'm trying to actually get some sleep anyway...

Bliss: Thong or granny panties?
Tiffany: umm, neither?

Bliss: Can you cook?
Tiffany: Yes! I make an incredible lasagna. The secret is TONS of cheddar cheese

Bliss: A guy catches your eye. What do you notice first?
Tiffany: Wow, good one. So many things. Every guy is attractive in the own way, I think, but if I had to choose my favorite body part? Lips. Nice kissable lips

Bliss: How into me are you right now?
Tiffany: Ummm, just go get your camera

Hehe, we loved Tiffany Star. She was a fantastic model and super nice person. She ended up being a little allergic to our fresh flowers we added to the bath for her shoot, but we think she pulled it off ok, don't you?

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