Letter from the Editor:
Welcome to the premiere of Bliss Magazine….redefining entertainment for men. This is not your grandfather’s (or even father’s) men’s magazine. We are the mad alchemists, pixel pimps and Image thieves mixing one part magazine, one part photo gallery, and one part original programming network all wrapped up with the highest quality using cutting edge web tech.
We certainly love women, and you’ll find lots of all natural beauties here, but we are also tired of politically correct bullshit and wanted a place where we can talk… like men really talk among friends. So comment. Speak your mind. We’ll avoid any religious or political discussions, but anything else – let it rip.
Entertainment here is abundant. Interesting and relevant articles. You wont find any dumbass top ten lists. Those were funny 15 years ago. Seriously….cant we move on now? Instead we’ll have original programming and several shows that I know you’ll dig.
Nothing against the many other men’s mags out there. They have pioneered the space which allows us to exist and men everywhere can shout a heartfelt thanks. But Bliss is better. We don’t even compare ourselves to them. We arent even in the same universe as those guys. We’ve defined our our, new space. You want the cutting edge? How about we’re holding the fucking knife! We will maintain our edge with cutting edge web mobile and digital technology and innovative programming. There are a whole shit ton of kick ass surprises coming.
We are a digital magazine for men, run by men. Not some corporate committee. We were sick of seeing watered down pablum. We think you are too.
A word about our girls and nudity. We don’t consider women objects , rather the cream-cheese icing on the big, moist red velvet cupcake of life. We can’t imagine a world without them and so here, we celebrate their beauty. You’ll see that in our photography. That said, we don’t subscribe to the provincial views toward nudity so prominent in American culture. However, you wont find anything graphic or hardcore here. Instead Bliss Magazine shows you beautiful women, within beautiful settings, and the highest quality photography. We could certainly take shortcuts (that would objectify women) with much less effort, if that were our intention and mindset.
So leave your hangups at the door and just enjoy. Putting this together has been as much fun as hard work. I hope you love it as much as we do. Let us know how we are doing!

EDIT: March 17,2012
So, I was talking with a buddy of mine. He knows all about Bliss Magazine and the level of quality we insist upon. I was asking for his advice on how to create the thumbnails of the images that contain nudity, where those thumbnails would be placed on the “open” part of the site, and inappropriate for all viewers.
His advice was not to show anything at all. Not blur out the image, not cover the nudity..just don’t do it. He was questioning where Bliss Magazine fit in the universe of men’s magazines (online & print) that range from the high quality Esquires and GQ’s to the more basic hardcore porn stuff. He was concerned that we would be labeled as another “porn” site. He asked, “Do you want to be a classy men’s mag or another adult property?”
He’s my friend, and I value his opinion, but honestly, at first, I was slightly offended. I thought, how could he begin to categorize us as porn.
After consideration, I realized that if someone who is a great buddy of mine, and was very close to the creation of Bliss Magazine could be unclear about exactly who we are, and what we are about, then maybe I should clarify our position for everyone. So here goes:
The (Bliss) Naked Truth
Our mission is to redefine men’s entertainment.
As a guy, I like to see beautiful naked women. I respect women, and am a considerate and decent guy, but I still celebrate and adore naked chicks! I think that’s honest, healthy and real.
However, as a decent and respectful guy, I prefer to do that in a classy way. I’m not trying to hide nudity. Thats going the wrong direction That would imply there IS something to be ashamed of, when the nudity is the point. To hide it behind a “see all of her, click here button” I think is more of what the world already has seen. If I did that, then I could be (rightly) labeled as “a porn site trying to disguise itself as a magazine.” No, I think the nudity has to be unabashed in order to be celebrated for its beauty.
My message is that nudity can be respectful and appreciated for its beauty when presented in an artistic way. I think Bliss can be a classy men’s magazine AND feature artistic nudity. That didn’t exist before Bliss so I understand I have to work hard to create that as a new reality.
TMZ is a great example. They have redefined the negative stereotype of “paparazzi” by deftly avoiding any hint of sleazyness and created something to be respected and proud of.
Consider Playboy. Another great example. When Hugh Hefner first started Playboy was reviled as pornography. Sure some puritanically minded people still label Playboy that way, but overall, the vast majority of women around the entire world would openly (or secretly) die to become a Playboy model. That’s a huge paradigm shift.
Playboy redefined an acceptable standard of nudity. Now Bliss Magazine will do it once again.
I hope you enjoy the ride. We sure will!


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