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Written by on March 18, 2013
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Neil Peart, are you listening?


Whenever there is a discussion about the world’s greatest drummers, Neil Peart of RUSH is in the conversation and often at the top of the list. Does it matter which brand of drums Mr. Peart plays or is it Neil that matters more?
From Rogers, to Slingerland and Tama to Ludwig and Drum Workshop to Roland electronic, his drums meet the standards of what is required by a great drummer. So, does this mean it’s the drummer and not the drums? Maybe. But, there is a new sound coming out of Southeastern Pennsylvania and this time it’s not the drummer, it’s the drums.
StaVent drums. You may not be familiar with them just yet, but if StaVent founder William (Bill) J. Bausch III has anything to say about it, his new drum sound is on its way to becoming the next big thing in drum manufacturing.

"It’s really…it’s very articulate"
"That’s a lot of crack"
"It sounds great!"
...Chad Szeliga, Breaking Benjamin

And it’s Bill’s dream to have Neil Peart play StaVent drums (since in Neil’s case, it really is the drummer more than the drums). I can hear it now…rock’s biggest and best known drummer playing rock’s newest drums. Outstanding.
StaVent drums are not like other drum kits. They are made of thicker wood (usually maple or birch), use virtually no glue and have vents on the drums themselves that allow for a different sound.
Without being too technical, the wood is angled at specific degrees, creating air compression vents allowing the sound to come through the drums, not just get filtered through air vent holes and drum bottoms, as has been traditional. This difference is what allowed Mr. Bausch to earn a new patent on making drums….something not issued in over 50 years. Check out Breaking Benjamin’s Chad Szeliga drum solo on StaVent:

In our interview with Mr. Bausch this reporter heard the passion and patience it takes to both design and build something innovative; which is what StaVent drums are. This new drum kit has been a dream of its inventor since he was eight years old.

StaVent Drums | Neil Peart Are You Listening? | Bliss Magazine Online | Breaking Benjamin | Crystal Roxx


From his shop in Pennsylvania each kit is hand-made and custom designed to fit the needs of the individual drummer. For those of us who grew up beating on everything we could touch and driving our parents nuts, this is exciting news. From my first snare (a Christmas present from my mom) to my first drum kit (Rogers) to the first kit I bought my son when he turned 8 years old, I have been an avid follower of drums. Something new is something wonderful!
Hearing a StaVent drum kit is hearing a different sound than one might expect. The sound is crisper, cleaner and has a different tonality than other drums. There is much less give when playing, which allows for faster, stronger hits. The toms sound much firmer and more in line with the snare. It may not be for everyone but, it sure works for rock n roll and jazz. Check out another great drum solo from Crystal Roxx’s Anthony Baker:


Oh, did I mention StaVent drums are also louder? By using a ¾ inch pure wood bass drum the fullness comes through like a storm…a thundering, beautiful drum storm. Drums have never sounder funkier or deeper. Just ask James Brown’s longtime drummer, Clyde Stubblefield.
This article may sound like an advertisement for StaVent but, it’s not. It’s just on old drummer’s enthusiasm coming through. I’ve played and heard enough drums in my lifetime to know the difference between a good drummer and an average drummer and a good drum kit and an average drum kit…and this is a good drum kit.
So, Mr. Peart it’s now up to you.
They may take three to four weeks to build and a few thousand dollars but, for a true drum aficionado StaVent drums just might be your last kit.


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