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Written by on March 4, 2012
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Guys, you’re going to be jealous. How about a day at a Formula One Track… and with three gorgeous models to massage the driving kinks out of your shoulders after? VIP Nights is a new, super-exclusive, guy oriented, event services company for the 1%. The founder, Mickey has perfected the business in the wild lands of Budapest and is bringing it to Los Angeles. From Russian billionaire oil czars to mid-eastern financial shieks they all have Mickey the Hun on speed dial. This guy throws exclusive parties so insane they wouldn’t even be legal here in the US. Oh did we mention he’s coming to L.A.? Yep, he’s bringing the party from Eastern Europe to the good ‘ole US of A…The legal parts anyway. We say: It’s about damn time.
Before the interview, I asked Mickey how I should refer to him for the article…CEO? Founder? His answer? “I am the one who is taking an average party to the extreme...”
So, Extreme Party Maker Guy, tell us about your new project here in the U.S.
Well, VIP Nights offers a complete VIP party or event service. When it comes to sophisticated, exclusive and high-end parties, we take care of everything. The basics are covered of course; limo service, nightclub table & bottle service. Party-girls to private security, of course are included. But then things get really special. For example our “24 Hours at the Manor House” event, or the Formula One track event. You are going to experience something uniquely themed and very special. Our events usually start off with a simple idea, and then we take it to the extreme... Our limits are only as high, as the client’s dreaming skills.
Tell us about your background. You are from Budapest and running these types of events there?
Yes, I am from Budapest. This all really got started for me accidentally. There were so many rich friends who asked me to create their birthday or bachelor parties for them. I took things to a very sophisticated extreme and we’ve been running these private events now for about seven years.

"The best thing with Russian billionaires is that money is really not an issue. They have hundreds of thousands of dollars for anything crazy they like."
--Mickey the Hun

Sounds like my kinda party. Who’s your typical client?
People who can dream big and are wealthy enough to make it happen. I am the one to make it happen.
In Europe, we have been treating celebrities, sports figures and well-known businessmen. Coming to L.A., our limits are much higher than in Budapest. The extreme can be even more extreme. L.A. is full of crazy ideas, so this is my place. Besides, I have so many friends here, who have already been my clients back in Budapest... so this had to be the next headquarters.
Why are you leaving Budapest to do it here?
A few reasons. Budapest has become too small for us. We are enjoying the natural growth of a successful company, but also, in Hungary, the economy is very bad now. We are in the top 10 for being the worst economy in Europe. There is no wealth, no money. No rich and happy businessmen. That is the main reason.
On the other hand, I’ve always wanted to go global. My events must have no boundaries. With the upcoming events we are planning - like going into international waters to do an event on a mega yacht, or creating a special weekend on a private island – we can’t do those things in Budapest. Los Angeles is a much better to be based.

VIP Nights |

VIP Nights |

VIP Nights |

So Russian billionaires are your clients. They must be pretty demanding. How do you make sure they are happy? If they get pissed it’s a bullet to the head right?
First of all, there is a misbelief about Russian billionaires. If you treat them well, they are the most trusted clients anyone could ever get. You never need to sign any contract, just shake hands. For them, a handshake is far stronger than any written agreement. After that, you only need to achieve precisely what you already promised. That is the key. Never promise something you cannot do.
The best thing with Russian billionaires is that money is really not an issue. They have hundreds of thousands of dollars for anything crazy they like. The worst thing is that they want everything right away. But, as you can see, I am here; I have no bullet holes in my head...

"All these girls must have two major qualities: looking sexy and being intelligent..."
--Mickey the Hun

Any stories you can tell about them without getting your throat cut (or ours)?
There was an event I did with a Russian friend of mine. This event took place in Morocco. The party was for the son of the mayor of a major Russian city. We booked an entire five star hotel. This alone was more than $140.000. Then we had the most successful Russian bands playing, also with twenty strippers and around thirty show dancers. This event theme was a "Miss Mafia" beauty contest, where all fifty “competitors” were dressed in the style of the American 1920's and 1930's. This weekend was something never to be forgotten.
Incredible. How else can we be jealous of your life?
We’ve had different kind of costumed events, from ancient roman toga party in an ancient Turkish bath to masked balls, similar to what you have seen in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut". Check out the video. You’ll see.

So some of these events are to be held offshore in international waters where anything goes right?
Yes, these people are part of the elite. They want to be very private, not to be bothered with others, especially paparazzi. Very important for them is to get away from work, from stress and just concentrate only on having fun. When you can provide events like these, all your clients will be happy.
Otherwise it’s just good clean healthy fun for men. Nothing illegal or illicit. Very high end and sophisticated. Describe a typical weekend event.
Of course. Nothing illegal. It all depends on the major idea or theme for the event. Normally we create everything for the event. For example: Here is a weekend program that became the most popular in Hungary:

Day One
Clients arrive at the airport – then transported to a private castle via our limousines with official Budapest police motorcycle escort... like a presidential motorcade.
Next we unwind at an Olympic sized shooting field to do some clay-pigeon shooting. Then some tasting of the delicious local dishes in front of the fireplace.
After getting back to the castle, just relax by the pool and jacuzzi, or take a sauna and enjoy the total care of our Thai masseuses with tropical cocktails.
A 5 star dinner is served after, prepared by our French chef, while drinking the best French wines. A local gipsy orchestra is playing live during dinner.
After dinner, we start with an Arabic kind of party, with shishas and belly dancers. DJ Bridgette | Topless DJ |
Then the fun really begins with our exclusive, sexy, topless DJ Bridgette. She’ll start the party night, which lasts till dawn.
Day Two
We start with a light brunch... just before going to the official F1 race track of Hungary, where we host a very exclusive private race. Delicious local dishes are served in the pit stop.
After a long tiring race day, again it comes to total relaxation with all facilities.
A grill & BBQ dinner is served outside. Cigars & cognac and an open pool party with our ex-playmate, topless DJ, lasts till dawn again.
Day Three
After brunch, leaving to the airport.

OK, that all sounds great, but how did we not know about this crazy stuff until now.
Gotta know the right people. Now you do.
These are private events and I’m guessing corporate retreats? How would that work?
Not only private events... but usually the majority will be that. Corporate events are also welcome. I like to be given a basic idea, and take it to an extreme event.
What if we give you an extreme idea and then you take THAT to… oh, I just blew my own mind…

VIP Nights |

VIP Nights |

VIP Nights |

Now, Bliss Magazine places a high priority on beautiful women. Of course possibly the best part of your events is the eye-candy. Your girls…American or Eastern European? How do you select them?
All these girls must have two major qualities: looking sexy and being intelligent. Their look is very important - everybody should be attracted to their looks but clients must be also impressed by their intelligence. Our aim is not only to look sexy for our clients, but be able to communicate, talk to them about many things.
Usually it’s very difficult to have both attributes. So the core of the party-girls will be Hungarians to start. Just to make sure, that girls don't lose their heads. To make sure everything will be run to our highest standards. They will instruct local girls with their behavior and their maximum limits. After that, we’ll hire local girls. There are so many gorgeous and sexy girls here in L.A., I am sure to find the right quality.

"...then the fun really begins with our exclusive, sexy, topless DJ Bridgette. She’ll start the party night, which lasts till dawn."
--Mickey the Hun

And you are just in Los Angeles?
To start with...after we can aim for other cities in the U.S. We are in discussions to expand to Belize and Mexico City in 2013. We’ll see how that shakes out. But for now, come to the City of Angels.
Anything else we should know?
My mission is to revolutionize the VIP nightlife in certain nightclubs. We want to host celebrities in nightclubs in a new form, so that they can also enjoy nightclub entertainment without being bothered. We already have great scenarios and also have some promises how and where to do it.
All of this sounds great, but where can I sign up?
Sorry, we only accept a very exclusive clientele.
Mickey isn’t seeing me, but maybe you can. You can contact him for a private consultation. He’s in Beverly Hills. Drop him a line at VIP NIGHTS


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