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Posted on May 17, 2013
JBS Underwear | Men's Underwear | Laundry Tips | Bliss Magazine Online | Banned Advertisement

JBS Underwear for men. So what you say? Well, sure, there are plenty of men's underwear manufacturers; even high-quality ones. We love JBS because they have the balls to make great advertising. Speaking of balls, in fact the newest ad campaign is "Trust Your Balls." Sublime.
Do yourself a solid and check out their smokin' hot and funny ads (below). Made in Denmark, they are not shy about being true men and we salute you JBS(with tequila shots)!
According to JBS, "JBS is Denmark's largest and leading underwear manufacturer. We are a family-owned and family-run company, which maintains its leading position by focusing on four core values: comfort, quality, innovation and individuality." They've been cradling balls since 1939 when, "JBS started out as a manufacturer of men's underwear. And this remains our core business. The story begins in 1939 on the Jutland heath."
Whatever the hell a "jutland heath" is doesn't matter to us dudes here in the good 'ole USA. What's really entertaining is the ad that put JBS on the map in 2008:

This winning ad was a part of the JBS Philosophy that, "Men don't want to look at naked men." Well done, sirs!
The print ad photos are nothing short of hot, sexy, creamy love. Here's our favorite. Do the math here guys -
JBS Underwear | Men's Underwear | Laundry Tips | Bliss Magazine Online | Banned Advertisement

Aaand a few more...

So I'm guessing we probably have your attention by now. Liking JBS Underwear as much as we do? Thought so! The next ad campaign was "It's Hard to Improve Perfect" Don't they have hotter girls in Denmark guys? No matter, the ad rocks. Here it is:

Going forward JBS has aligned itself with world wide mega footballer Christiano Ronaldo. This guy is HUGE with over 55 MILLION followers on facebook. Ronaldo describes his approach to working with JBS, "The companies that I choose to work with need to be fashion-oriented and of the highest quality to be able to deliver a superior product to my fans." Somehow I think your fans are in good hands Christiano. Or at least their tender bits...
JBS CEO Michael Alstrup tells us they have two different collections due out from the Christiano Ronaldo line. Can't wait to see those ads!
Meanwhile, we will have to console ourselves with the latest and greatest ad campaign "Trust Your Balls." Here's a couple fun adverts to hold you over.




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